9-11 Reflctions

Dear terrorists


Okay so 9-11 was meant to dampen Americas spirit ,but as a big frick you … along with everything else .  We ,America banded together . When they saw a time for us to fear . We saw a time for us to band together ,and to protect each other.

Sincerely Shane



and frick terrorists

Pumpkin Patch

In a green grassy field there was a pumpkin patch. In that pumpkin patch that was in a green grassy field there was a red cozy cottage. In that red cozy cottage that was in a pumpkin patch that was also in a green grassy field there was a little delicate spider and what is inside you say wwwwweeeeeeeellllllllllll it was a big fat juicy fly.
the end

Life in 5th grade

5th grade has been pretty fun so far. I’m in the orange class aka Ms.Ummel’s class. Mr.Mac’s class is my favorite class.Mr.Mac is the science teacher and we have done some really fun hands on experiments. In McFalls class we’ve learnt about Labor Day and in m… I’m probably going to drag this on for to long… Oh well like I was saying 5th grade has been really fun hope you enjoyed. Bubyyyyyyy

WD favorites

My favorite WD character is Littmus W. Block. I like him because he was so courageous to serve in the Civil War. The only place I would serve in would be an engineer. I also like him because he made the Littmus Lozenge.


  My favorite chapter is when they talk about the Littmus Lozenge. I like it because it reminds me of Halloween.